Welcome to Bus Pass System

28-Jan-2022 17:22

Instructions regarding issue of Bus Passes to the General Public

  1. The passes are valid only in Standard/Ordinary Buses and Haryana Uday Buses (CNG Standard Buses).
  2. Computerised bus passes with hologram on them are issued. Passes of different durations have different colours, with the expiry date mentioned on the top. The pass has a photograph of the applicant. The names of both the stations between which the pass is valid and the duration of the pass is specified on the pass.
  3. The pass may be got issued from any point in Haryana to any destination within Haryana, including Delhi & Chandigarh. However, the minimum charges shall not be less than 10 Kms single side.
  4. All the above mentioned information is asked from the applicant in an application form which is given free of cost. (Click here to download application form). The applicant can deposit the dully filled application form in the office of General Manager, Haryana Roadways in whose jurisdiction either the starting point or the destination point falls, on any working day between 10.00 A.M and 3.00 P.M. Along with the application form, the applicant is required to deposit the amount ONLINE chargeable for the specific bus pass at the following rates:- A. For one month pass ->> 40 single fares. B. For Three month pass ->> 110 single fares. C. For Six month pass ->> 200 single fares.
    The fare is charged on the date of issue or date of renewal of the bus pass as the case may be. An additional amount of Rs.15/- is charged as cost of card and the processing fee. (The cost of card which includes the paper, lamination, application form is Rs.10/- and Rs. 5/- is processing fee).
  5. On the reverse side of bus pass, instructions for users of such passes are mentioned and the user is required to abide these instructions which are as under:-

    a. The bus pass is non transferable and non refundable.
    b. The bus pass must be produced on demand by conductor / checking staff.
    c. In case of loss, duplicate pass will be issued by depositing/charging 50% penalty amount for the balance period.
    d. The bus pass must be carried in original and in no case photocopy will be accepted.
    e. The pass can not be used as identity proof for any purpose.